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Although the Blue Jays are from Toronto in Canada, they are still included in the American League East Division of Major League Baseball. The Blue Jays play their home games in Toronto’s Rogers Centre but travel down south the the US for a good amount of their major league games.

The Story Behind the “Blue Jay”

The blue that resembles the feathers of a blue jay is the signature color of many professional Canadian sports teams. The Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League and the Argonauts (a Canadian football team) also don jerseys in the same shade of blue. Blue Jay blue seems to be a popular color among Canadian pro sports teams.


Another reason for the Blue Jay mascot is that the team was first owned by Labatt Brewing Company, and this company’s signature beer was the Labatt’s Blue. From the time of the team’s creation, the color blue just made sense - so why not celebrate them as the Blue Jays?

Early History of the Blue Jays

The very first baseball game played by the Blue Jays was on April 7th, 1977. They played the Chicago White Sox and nearly 50,000 baseball fans were in attendance. Anyone who attended that game might not remember the baseball that was played; instead, they’ll recall the minor snowstorm that took place in the middle of the game, and also that Toronto took the win.


That win marked the first of, well, not very many. The Blue Jays did not start off their first season strong and ended with only 54 wins and 107 losses. The Blue Jays did not become an MLB powerhouse until many years later. They won their first World Series in 1992, and then once again the following year.

Key Players throughout the Decades

Although the Toronto Blue Jays did not start off their time in the MLB on a great note, they were able to push through and establish themselves as a worthy major league team. This has a bit to do with changes in coaching techniques, but it can mostly be attributed to amazing additions to the roster. These key players will always be remembered by Blue Jays’ fans:


  • Roberto Alomar

  • Joe Carter

  • John Olerud

  • Devon White

  • Jack Morris

  • Dave Winfield

Culture and Popularity of the Blue Jays

There has been a huge increase in popularity and fanmanship for the Blue Jays within the past 2 decades. The team did not start off well back in 1977, but they have proven their worth through hard work, strong leadership, and amazing athletic skills.


There are a few traditions that all avid Blue Jays fans take part in. The first is to chant the song “OK Blue Jays” at the beginning of the seventh inning stretch during home games. Of course once this song is completed it is time to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, as anyone with the slightest knowledge of baseball would know.