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The Seattle Mariners are a professional baseball team based in Seattle Washington. They compete in the Major League Baseball(MLB), in the American League West Division. They are one of the biggest clubs in Seattle and play their matches in T-Mobile Park. The club was originally established in 1977. The Mariners have found success hard to come in the recent past. However, that has not dampened their spirits.

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The club will be desperate to find success. They have unfortunately never won a World Series Championship, which weighs heavily on them. The Seattle Mariners team will also hope to outdo their bitter rivals. Which include the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Angels and the Oakland Athletics. The club has not qualified for the playoffs since the year 2001. Competition in the Major League Baseball is tough. 2019 was a mixed year for the Seattle Mariners, with their record being 68–94. The club will be desperate to overcome these testing times and establish themselves in the division.

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