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NASCAR is a beloved sport among Americans and has been for the past 7 decades. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR for short, serves as the most well-known stock-car racing company in the world. The NASCAR organization sanctions over 1,500 races in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

History of NASCAR

NASCAR was founded in over 70 years ago in 1948 by Bill France Sr. and the company has stayed within the France family since its creation. In 2003 it was taken over by his grandson, Brian France, who has been the CEO ever since.


The early days of stock car racing were much different from the races of today. The idea of racing stock cars all started in the 1920’s when Daytona Beach became home to the fastest land speed record every recorded. Between the years of 1927 and 1935 Daytona Beach acquired 8 consecutive world records for fastest land speed time.

How Prohibition Affected Stock Car Racing

From then on this Florida city became the mecca for all things racing, but it really didn’t take off until the years of Prohibition. When the government started putting bans on alcohol thirsty Americans started drinking bootlegged whisky.


This illegal alcohol would get shipped from the bootleggers by drivers in small fast cars who had a knack for navigating the windy mountain roads. Some of these drivers developed an intense passion for it and even made significant improvements to their cars to increase speed and maneuverability.

What happened after Prohibition ended?

Even after Prohibition was repealed these “moonshine” drivers continued on for a few years. Americans started loving the taste of bootlegged whisky and drivers loved getting it to them. This continued for a while until the cars started to be used for racing instead of moonshine delivery.

Stock car racing throughout time changed from an illegal action to a fun form of entertainment.

Best NASCAR Drivers of all Time

Throughout the years that have been some impressive drivers behind the wheels of NASCAR vehicles. Maybe you’ve heard of big NASCAR names like Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon? Here are a few more famous NASCAR drivers throughout history who have made a name for themselves in the world of racecars:

  • Tim Flock

  • Kyle Busch

  • Junior Johnson

  • Tony Stewart

  • Lee Petty

Popular NASCAR Sanctioned Series

There are three major racing series that are sanctioned by NASCAR: the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, the NASCAR Xfinity Series, and the Gander Outdoors Truck Series. Races in these series are televised in over 150 countries and you can stream NASCAR from almost anywhere in the world.

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

This is also called the Cup Series to simplify things a bit for race car enthusiasts. The cup series has the most popular and most spectated racing events within all of NASCAR. It is sponsored by the Monster Energy company and receives most of its popularity from the infamous Daytona 500 race.