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The Montreal Canadiens are the only ice hockey team in the world that have been operating longest continuously since 1909. They are also one of the oldest North American professional sports franchises and have won the Stanley cup more than any other franchise. 

The Montreal Canadiens have stood the longest and certainly displayed their experience during the games as they always become a hard team for their opposition to beat. The Canadiens are the most successful professional sports team owing to their victories that count up to 25.0%, considering all of the Stanley Cup competitions. 

How do I watch the Montreal Canadiens live streams?

There are several options for you to watch the Montreal Canadiens live streams with all of your favorite team's actions. Whether you're looking for the highlight of the match or latest news and trends within the team - you can watch it all here. As you sign up, we recommend official event feeds to you right down below to make sure you never miss a game again. We tend to keep you updated through our seamless platform. is a flawless streaming service that collects all of the content scattered throughout the internet and gathers it on a single platform conveniently. Sign up now and enjoy features like customizing your feed according to your requirements – just the way you like it. So, now you will never miss out on another moment of your favorite team. Our newly developed app lets you organize your favorite YouTube channel along with broadcasters and much more with a few clicks. 

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The Montreal Canadiens have been a strong force in the NHL franchise and dominate every match they play. For the opposition, they might be a tough side to defeat, but they are a pure joy to watch for the fans. We bring all the action on this platform for you to enjoy without going through the hassle of lurking on the internet for hours. 

Let’s see what the Montreal Canadiens have in store for their fans as they take on their bitter rivals the Boston Bruins this season. 

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