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The Miami Heat are an American professional basketball team that played their first season back in 1988-89. It was not until the appointment of head coach Pat Riley that they started shining in the top positions in the table. From that day onwards, they have won 3 championships and five conference titles while ravishing 13 division titles. 

Big names like LeBron James and Chris Bosh have played in this team and carried the Miami Heat to four consecutive years while winning two championships out of 4 four. 

 Not only this but, the Miami Heat hold the record of NBA's third-longest winning streak, which was no loss during 27 straight games. This magical streak was set during the season 2012-13. 

The Miami Heat are among the top teams in NBA that have been performing well day in and day out. No matter how tough the circumstances, they have proven to be stronger with strategic gameplay. 

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