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Tons of Los Angeles residents are focused on pro basketball and can’t seem to get enough of the LA Lakers. True baseball fans though express their true love for sports by cheering on the LA Dodgers instead. This professional American Major League Baseball team is a leading member of the National League West Division.

The Early Years of the Dodgers

One of the most interesting facts about the LA-based teams is that it didn’t actually start off in Los Angeles. When the team was founded in 1883 it was on the opposite side of the country in Brooklyn, New York.


It wasn’t until 1958 that the team moved across America to establish a home in the City of Angels. From 1958 to 1962 the Dodgers played their home games and practiced at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum but moved homes to the Dodger Stadium in 1962.

Why the Move From NY to LA?

Before they were known as the LA Dodgers, the team was better known as the Brooklyn Atlantics. The team started off strong and was inducted into the National League (NL) in 1890; they took home the championship during their first year as members of the NL.


Before they officially became the Dodgers, they took on several names first: the Bridegrooms, the Grooms, the Superbas, the Robins, the Trolley Dodgers, and finally the Dodgers. The team was acquired by real estate mogul Walter O’Malley who planned on building a new state-of-the-art stadium in Brooklyn.


This quickly became an issue since NY politicians refused to grant eminent domain building permits. The city of LA was looking to establish a pro baseball club at the very same time, and the government there would allow O’Malley to build the stadium he was hoping for. So in 1958, the team left Brooklyn and established headquarters in LA.

The Jackie Robinson Era

While the Dodgers were still stationed in Brooklyn, they did something unheard of in the 1940’s; they added an African American to the Dodgers roster. Jackie Robinson was the first ever black baseball player to play in the MLB. Not only did Robinson add so much value to the team in terms of athletics, his presence within the MLB was a major statement in the American Civil Rights Movement.

World Series Titles and Awards

The LA Dodgers have won a total of 6 World Series since their establishment in 1883. They have also won 23 League pennants and there have been 11 players from the Dodgers to be awarded the league MVP award. The team has boasted an impressive 18 Rookie of the Year awards, more than any other MLB franchise by a long shot.

Major Rivalries of the LA Dodgers

There is a historical rivalry that has been ongoing for decades between the LA Dodgers and the NY Yankees. These 2 teams have met a grand total of 11 times in the World Series, more than any other 2 teams in the MLB. Other than the Yankees, the Dodgers are also extremely competitive with the San Francisco Giants and the LA Angels.

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