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The International Basketball Federation governs basketball leagues, teams and players around the world. Also known by its French name of Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur, the “amateur” aspect of the name was dropped in 1989 but is still referred to as FIBA.

The Basics of FIBA

This institution defines all rules related to the sport of basketball including facility usage, equipment regulations, international competitions, athlete transfer rules, and appointment of referees. There are currently 213 international FIBA members in 2019 categorized into 5 zones.


These five zones include the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceana. Watching players from around the world come together on a FIBA live stream is extremely powerful and united basketball fans from around the world.

FIBA Basketball World Cup

The FIBA World Cup is similar to the FIFA world cup in the sense that it takes place every 4 years. The qualifying teams compete to win the title of world basketball champion and they all hope to be awarded the FIBA Naismith Trophy (the sport of basketball was founded by a Canadian named James Naismith).


The overall structure of the tournament is also similar to FIFA with a few main differences. In order to appease sports fans everywhere, there have been recent changes in FIBA World Cup dates. The tournament used to be held on the same year as the futbol World Cup but starting in 2019 it will fall one year after. This means that the FIBA World Cup will not take place in 2019 but instead 2020.

A Brief History of FIBA

FIBA officially started in 1932 in Geneva, Switzerland. Back then there were only 8 members of the International Basketball Federation:

  1. Argentina

  2. Czechoslovakia

  3. Greece

  4. Italy

  5. Latvia

  6. Portugal

  7. Romania

  8. Switzerland

Over time the membership started to increase and now hosts 213 teams. The FIBA World Cup originated in 1950 for men and women’s teams started competing for the title in 1953. In 1956 the FIBA headquarters were transferred to Munich but later was returned to Geneva in 2002. In 2013 the FIBA offices were once again moved to a new location in Mies, Switzerland.

Presidents of FIBA Throughout Time

The founder of basketball - James Naismith - never actually served as a FIBA president. However, he is considered to be an “honorary” president since without him FIBA wouldn’t even be possible. In addition to Naismith there have been 12 FIBA presidents who serve about 8 years on average.

The Best FIBA Teams in the World

Determining the best FIBA team is challenging since they all bring something new to the table (or court) every year. If you think in terms of World Championships won then the best team in FIBA is the United States for both men and women.

Other FIBA Tournaments

In addition to the World Cup the organization has added a few tournaments to the schedule since 2010. The U-17 World Championships was the first new tournament to be introduced and it hosts 12 qualifying teams (for both men and women). The 3x3 is the newest addition and it is a half-court variation with 3 players per team.

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