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The Australian Football League, or AFL, is the governing body of football within Australian. It determines the rules and regulations that need to be followed and controls all laws of the game. This football league consists of 18 teams throughout the Australian mainland; there are no active participants from the island of Tasmania.

History of Football in Australia

The AFL actually started out as the Victorian Football League (VFL) which was a breakaway organization from the previously reigning Victorian Football Association. It was called the VFL instead of the AFL because it was originally only comprised of teams from the Aussie state of Victoria.


Its inaugural season as the VFL was in 1897 and it went by that name until 1989. After 1989 the league was renamed to the Australian Football League since it had started to expand to other states throughout the country.

What happened to the original Victoria Football Association?

You might be wondering why the VFL originally broke free from its parent football league of the Victorian Football Association. Well in the 1890’s there was an off-field power struggle between the stronger teams and the weaker teams of the league.


Both sides wanted to have greater control of the league and reap; the stronger clubs wanted to earn more profits from the league since they brought in more spectators. What happened in the end was that the 6 strongest clubs broke away from the league and were later joined by two more clubs.


They formed what was then called the Victorian Football League (not yet the Australian Football League). What started as just 6 breakaway teams is now 18 of the best football teams in all of Australia.

The AFL Regular Season

Times have certainly changed since the beginning of the league back in 1897. Throughout the years the league has established guidelines for the regular season, preseason, and tournament matches.


You can watch the 23 regular season games on an AFL live stream from anywhere in the world from March to September. In addition to 23 regular season games the teams in the AFL play a series of preseason matches as well. Once the pre and regular season is over the team with the best record is awarded the minor premiership.


The top 8 out of 18 teams in the league will continue on to play in a 4-round finals series in the AFL Grand Final. Whichever team that wins will be dubbed the “Premier” and gets to display the Premiership Cup. Holding this title is the biggest honor that a team in the AFL can experience.

Are there any female teams in the AFL?

Yes, there are currently 10 female teams of the AFL. The women’s league follows the same rules and regulations as the men’s since it is run by the same organization. The women’s league has only been around since 2016 so it is still gaining traction in terms of spectatorship. The best female AFL clubs at the moment are the Adelaide Crows and Carlton.