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APEX Legends has not been around for very long - it was released in February of this year - but it is quickly gaining popularity among the universal gaming community. The release of this game was quite the surprise for everyone; there was absolutely no marketing done for the game prior to its release.

The Inspiration Behind APEX Legends

APEX Legends is completely unique, but even so its creators have fused specific elements from other popular games to create the APEX world. The theme behind APEX Legends is battle royale, but the most interesting aspect of the game is that the characters and narratives evolve as you play.


One of the main inspirations for APEX is a game called Titanfall, which features class-based shooters whose stories get more in-depth the more you play. This is an important aspect of any video game, especially if the creator is aiming to get each player hooked.

Gameplay of APEX Legends

The concept behind this battle royale game uses the idea of hero shooter, but there is something that makes it unique from other hero shooter games. The “Legends,” or predefined heroes of the game take 4 different roles throughout gameplay, including:


  1. Offense

  2. Defense

  3. Support

  4. Recon


Each Legend is unique from the last, and some gamers say that this makes you feel more connected to the Legend you choose for APEX gameplay.

The Plot and Setting of the Game

In Apex Legends the story is set on an island where 60 individuals are pitted against each other. These individuals have broken off into 3 different squads fighting for land, weapons, and resources of the island.


As you play and more characters are eliminated from the story, the land size constricts and the island becomes smaller (just to keep things interesting). Once only one squad remains, it is deemed the ruler of the island and the game is over.

APEX Legends Development

As we mentioned before, there was no marketing or beta-testing period for Apex Legends. Normally a company tries to increase hype for a game about 1 year before it is released, but the developers of APEX wanted to try something completely out of the norm. Respawn Entertainment wanted players to form their own opinions of the game without listening to market research or online forums.

How Did the Public React to the Game?

Overall, Apex Legends received nothing but positive feedback. Reviews were extremely favorable and it quickly became the second highest-ranked online video game of the year. The main praise is around communication within the game; players can easily accomplish missions by easily communicating with other gamers - even complete strangers across the world.

Do You Have to Pay to Play?

Nope! Playing Apex Legends can be done free of charge and requires no payment. But - yes, there is a but - if you want complete access to all of the gameplay features, you’ll need to pay. You can access most of the features free of charge, but eventually you’ll want to experience more of the APEX world and you’ll have to pay to do so.


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