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You might be familiar with the name STPeach as the famous vlogger and streamer. She has a huge following on Twitch, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter, and not just for her helpful fitness video blogs. STPeach is a widely recognized name in the gaming industry and she has been made famous for her appearances throughout ESports.


Her Twitch video channel features streamed games like Counter Strike: Global Offense and League of Legends. She is certainly a legend when it comes to gaming, but what else is there to know about the face behind STPeach? Who is this iconic gamer?

The Early Life of STPeach

STPeach is not your average gamer. She is a young Canadian woman that goes by the name of Lisa Vannatta in her day-to-day life. Some people also know her by Lisa Peachy. Miss Peachy was born in a small Alberta town outside of Calgary in 1993. With two older brothers, Lisa was exposed to video games at a young age - and she soon became amazing at them.


Lisa has always considered herself to be introverted, and this was one of the driving forces that led her to video games. She always found it easier to connect with people through gaming portals rather than in normal social scenarios. This is something that a lot of fellow gamers can relate to, which is a huge factor for the popularity of STPeach.

Dental Assistant Turned Professional Streamer

STPeach was not always a professional streamer and vlogger. First, Lisa started out as a dental assistant working part-time and vlogging about fitness and gaming part-time. She soon learned that vlogging/gaming was a much more lucrative industry and she could make much more money doing what she loved. In 2015, she decided to give up her life as a dental assistant to focus more on her online presence.

Her Early Success as a Gamer

Even though she grew up in a town with only 100 residents, Lisa knew from a young age that she was meant for bigger things. Her friends always told her that she should game professionally, and finally she listened. Although her family still lives in Alberta, she decided to move to California to start her official career as STPeach.


STPeach debuted her Twitch account in 2015; this is where she has amassed her huge gaming following, which has reached over 822 million followers in 2019. On this channel she streams her impressive gaming talents while playing Fortnite, CS:GO, and League of Legends.

The Personal Life of STPeach

Of course STPeach spends a good amount of time gaming, but she also lives a normal life. She loves fitness, almost as much as she loves her fellow-gamer boyfriend. Lisa met her boyfriend Jay online (of course) way back in 2011. Soon they started gaming together frequently, but they did not officially start dating until they both attended a Cali Twitchcon convention in 2016. The two will soon be married, but no wedding date has been officially set.