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This American professional basketball team has been one of the most interesting ones to watch since they won 3 championships. The Indiana Pacers were home to six hall of famers and played a set of strategies that is unique to this team. With rivalries like the Pistons-Pacers or the Knicks-Pacers, there is no saying which team comes out on top. 

The Indiana Pacers continuously produce tactical gameplay and exhibit beautiful teamwork on the court, which only tells us that they are bound to be great again in the coming season. 

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The Indiana Pacers have yet to make a mark in NBA seasons as dominant as they are expected to make. Their play to manage the clock, making shots and getting stops is what makes them a threat for their rivals. 

Stepping into their 53rd season, it will be a delight for fans around the world to see how their favorite team – the Indiana Pacers performs. After facing a defeat at the hands of the Boston Celtics in last season’s playoffs, they are all set to bounce back with a bang. 

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