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Watch IMPACT Wrestling Live Stream

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IMPACT Wrestling

As one of the largest professional wrestling promotions in America, “Impact Wrestling” is a name that all wrestling fanatics are familiar with. The idea behind Impact was conceived in Nashville, Tennessee in 2002. It started off small news, but quickly became a household name among wrestling fans around the globe.


Throughout the years the Impact company has had its ups and downs, but even so they remain a solid force in the wrestling world. Here you can read about the history of Impact Wrestling and see why it has remained popular throughout nearly 2 decades.

The Early Days of Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling was founded by two professional wrestling promoters, Jeff and Jerry Jarrett, in 2002. It first started in Nashville, TN but the headquarters are now based in Toronto, Ontario. Impact Wrestling was not always called Impact; it started off as NWA: Total Nonstop Action and then was renamed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2004. Finally the name settled on Impact Wrestling in 2017.


The Jarrett duo decided in 2001 that the US needed another nation-wide wrestling product (at the time WWE was the only one). They wanted to change things up though by not relying on television broadcasting for viewership. Instead, they focused on pay-per-view which would serve as the company’s major source of revenue.

The Introduction of TV Broadcasting

Although the pay-per-view method was working fairly well, Impact Wrestling decided to add a weekly television show in addition to a monthly pay-per-view option. In 2004, the TV show Impact! was released.


The developers of the show utilized innovative techniques to keep the audience interested. Specifically, they used a more sports-like style (rather than sports-entertainment) than other wrestling promoters. In 2005, the company secured a slot with Spike TV and aired the first episode of Impact! was aired in October.


The Incredible Hulk Hogan and Impact Wrestling

In 2010 Impact Wrestling hired iconic pro wrestler Hulk Hogan to serve as a behind-the-scenes consultant for the company. He worked for Impact until 2013 the fact that he was associated with the company for just 3 years made a significant impact on viewers. Impact also hired former WCW president Eric Bischoff as a part of the creative team.

Times of Struggle in 2013-2014

A few key players within Impact Wrestling decided to leave the company in 2013. This was a huge blow for Impact, especially when Hulk Hogan’s contract expired and he decided to move on. Late in 2013, founding member Jeff Jarrett also decided to resign. This trend continued in 2014 with the loss of wrestling veterans like Sting, Kazarian, Chris Sabin, and Christopher Daniels.

Times of Regrowth from 2015 to Present Day

Luckily the bad luck for Impact Wrestling stopped in 2015. In April the company signed Billy Corgan - the frontman of Smashing Pumpkins - as a senior creative producer and talent developer. Although leadership roles have continued to change, Impact Wrestling is continuing to grow and build strength in 2019.  

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