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The Houston Rockets entered their first playoff back in 1968 when they had just picked up extremely energetic Elvin Hayes. Since then, they have managed to win two championships and four conference titles. But, they were not always on the top. The Houston Rockets struggled to be victorious for almost a decade. 

How Does One Watch The Houston Rockets Live Streams?

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The Houston Rockets were the first-ever team in the NBA franchise to reach the NBA finals with a losing record, but their 1993-94 season was a treat for the fans around the world – as they dominated the season and went to the NBA finals. Similarly, the Houston Rockets are all set to step in the court with the same energy as the 1993-94 season, which tells us that they are all in to win the NBA championship. 

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Let's hope the Houston Rockets will give the best they can this season and grab the championship as they did in their glory days.