How can I get more views & increase revenues from my video content?

Introducing StreamTime Widget: Your new marketing tool for live streaming

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Simplify distribution across multiple channels

Reach new hard-to-get audiences

Connect user journey to your content and increase conversions

Standardise UI, with interactive properties

Automate processes, reducing your workload

Generate new revenue streams by adding partners

Managing content rights & schedules across international territories with different distribution partners is challenging

The Stream Time widget creator determines a viewer’s location and automatically directs them to the correct broadcast partner when they press play – removing barriers of conversion.

Schedules are typically managed in spreadsheets or own CMS, and external platforms cannot connect, nor do they have bulk upload facility.

Input your schedule via CSV or API connection. This can then be dynamically managed within Stream Time across all interfaces.

Current methods of informing an audience of a broadcaster’s content schedule are static, with tables and PDFs commonly used.

Our one-time embeddable widget that is managed via the CMS, with changes syncing across all embeds instantly. This ensures the schedule is up to date, and enables users to link to the content they want to watch.

Audiences are spread over multiple pages & sites. The process of keeping these aggregated audiences informed is inefficient.

Your content widgets can be embedded across multiple sites & pages, thereby multiplying the reach of your content instantly and generating more conversions for your content.

Targeting the content feed to each audience requires a lot of manual input - but it is a proven means of driving conversions.

Using the filtering options, the widget feed can be tailored to the intended audience. This can also be automated by analysing the surrounding text.

One of the biggest challenges is the fractured user journey between piquing interest and a converted view.

Provide viewers with tools allowing them to: set reminders, add to personal calendar, a direct link to the source of content, and a chance to share your content with their friends!

Collecting schedule and broadcast information from partners is time consuming and email based - resulting in errors and poor results.

Stream Time connects to a growing number of distribution partners via API to aggregate all content for each territory, and dynamically present this within your widgets; automating the entire process.

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Step 1: Add your content

Just add your content to the StreamTime platform by connecting your current publishers like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many more. The content will be added automatically then.

Step 2: Create your widgets

Create targeted widgets and fill them with your and, if you want, other content about a topic of your choice. Music, Sports, Baseball, you name it.

Step 3: Place the widget on a site of your choice

The widget can be added in under 10 mins with or without a developer. The code is delivered in an inline frame what means you can add them to any site and any CMS.