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Martin Petrov, a well-known Bulgarian gamer who goes by the name Bodil40 during gameplay, can’t stop raving about the world of Minecraft. He is not the only gamer who feels this way; according to a recent statistic Minecraft is the second best selling videogame of all time (just behind Tetris). The game has been around for almost a decade, but even over time it hasn’t lost traction.


Bodil40 feels strongly about his passion for Minecraft, and not just because it is fun to play. Although he sometimes changes things up with other games, this has been his go-to for years and will probably remain that way. Here’s why Bodil40 is such a huge fan of Minecraft, along with millions of gamers around the world.

Minecraft is EXTREMELY Creative

This has been the main praise for Minecraft by gamers everywhere; the developers have won tons of award for their creativity and innovative gameplay modes. The main praise, however, is that Minecraft requires players themselves to be extremely creative.


The objective of the game is for players to create a 3D world using a variety of blocks in different shapes and sizes by accomplishing tasks throughout the game. There is even a mode called “creative gameplay” where the player where players are given unlimited resources to work their magic.

It Keeps Players Sharp

There are several gameplay modes within Minecraft that keep players as sharp as possible. Each unique mode will keep you on your toes. Here’s what you should know about the 4 gameplay modes within Minecraft.

Survival Mode

Survival mode requires players to gather natural resources in order to craft blocks and other items. It’s not as easy as that though; sneaky monsters lurk around in the dark that can affect the safety and overall health of the player.

Creative Mode

This mode of gameplay gives players complete access to ALL of the resources for a limited period of time. In this mode the players are also protected from damage of any kind; it is the time for the player to focus on creative ways of building.


Adventure mode allows players to utilize custom-made maps and follow adventures that they crafted themselves.


This is where players can fly around and just observe without directly interacting with the game. They have the ability to teleport to other players and and see the game through their eyes.

Spinoff Minecraft Games are Just as Fun

Since the release of the original Minecraft in 2011, there have been a few spinoff developments to keep gamers satisfied. The most popular is Minecraft: Story Mode where players control a character named Jesse. Jesse is on a mission to save the Minecraft world by finding the Order of the Stone.

Minecraft Can Even Be Educational

Who ever said that video games can’t be educational? Another popular spinoff of the original is the Minecraft: Education Edition. It has been used in classrooms around the globe to teach core curriculum topics as well as arts and poetry.